New Web Proxy Sites

New Web Proxy Sites Just Checked and Added

Our proxy sites list is constantly updated. You can always find new proxy sites here. Old proxy sites that have been running for a long time may have been blocked by your school or company. Here are some fresh new proxy sites which are just checked and added into our proxy sites list. We work hard to maintain a fresh list of proxy sites for you. Please Check back often to see our list of new proxy sites. Proxy site owner can submit your site here to list it on

Proxy Sites Country Region TypeAdd Time
(DE) Https/SSLGermanyNurembergOther17 hours ago
(GB) Https/SSLUnited KingdomunknownOther5 days ago
(NL) Https/SSLNetherlandsunknownOther5 days ago
(NL) Https/SSLNetherlandsunknownOther6 days ago
(NL) Https/SSLNetherlandsunknownOther11 days ago
(DE)bgproxy.siteGermanyMunichGlype11 days ago
(US) Https/SSLUnited StatesunknownOther11 days ago
(US)unrepresented-theor.mlUnited StatesunknownOther12 days ago
(NL) Https/SSLNetherlandsunknownOther20 days ago
(NL) Https/SSLNetherlandsunknownOther20 days ago
(US)iwhyyy.comUnited StatesCaliforniaPhproxy20 days ago
(DE) Https/SSLGermanyunknownOther25 days ago
(NL) Https/SSLNetherlandsAmsterdamOther45 days ago
(US) Https/SSLUnited StatesunknownOther49 days ago
(NL) Https/SSLNetherlandsunknownOther53 days ago
(NL) Https/SSLNetherlandsunknownOther56 days ago
(AT) Https/SSLAustriaObritzbergGlype63 days ago
(US)leo.paulmihaipavel.comUnited StatesunknownOther74 days ago
(NL) Https/SSLNetherlandsunknownOther78 days ago
(US)uncomprehended-navi.cfUnited StatesunknownOther79 days ago
(US)fishproxy.comUnited StatesunknownGlype79 days ago
(NL) Https/SSLNetherlandsunknownOther102 days ago
(NL) Https/SSLNetherlandsunknownOther110 days ago
(DE) Https/SSLGermanyunknownOther120 days ago
(US)newproxyweb.gaUnited StatesunknownPhproxy122 days ago
(US)anonymityproxy.comUnited StatesunknownPhproxy129 days ago
(NL) Https/SSLNetherlandsunknownOther130 days ago
(DE) Https/SSLGermanyunknownOther161 days ago
(DE) Https/SSLGermanyunknownOther161 days ago
(FR)kissproxy.onlineFranceunknownGlype187 days ago
(JP)proxyserver.nzJapanTokyoOther197 days ago
(RO) Https/SSLRomaniaunknownOther199 days ago
(NZ)emo.nzNew ZealandPenroseOther211 days ago
(SG)3x.nzSingaporeSingaporeOther214 days ago
(GB) Https/SSLUnited KingdomLondonOther220 days ago
(DE) Https/SSLGermanyunknownOther231 days ago
(US) Https/SSLUnited StatesunknownGlype251 days ago
(US)unblocksites.siteUnited StatesunknownOther263 days ago
(US) Https/SSLUnited StatesunknownGlype266 days ago
(FR)fastweb101.comFranceunknownGlype337 days ago
(US) Https/SSLUnited StatesunknownOther344 days ago
(US) Https/SSLUnited StatesunknownOther351 days ago
(US)fsociety.clubUnited StatesArizonaOther368 days ago
(US) Https/SSLUnited StatesCaliforniaOther370 days ago
(US)fastp.orgUnited StatesunknownGlype467 days ago
(US)unblockasites.infoUnited StatesArizonaOther470 days ago
(US) Https/SSLUnited StatesunknownGlype470 days ago
(IT) Https/SSLItalyArezzoOther473 days ago
(US) Https/SSLUnited StatesCaliforniaOther970 days ago
(US)muchproxy.comUnited StatesNevadaOther1055 days ago
(DE)derproxy.comGermanyunknownOther1329 days ago
(US) StatesCaliforniaOther1399 days ago
(US) StatesunknownOther1410 days ago
(US) StatesCaliforniaGlype1426 days ago
(US)ocaspro.comUnited StatesGeorgiaGlype1633 days ago

How to add my web proxy sites?

You can submit your web proxy. We approve sites automatically. Your site will be shown on our home page immediately after it is approved. We use dofollow links for the top 3 proxy sites.

How to use web proxy sites?

Web proxy site is a website with a address bar. Just input the URL of blocked site into that bar and click the "Surf" button. Web proxy site will fetch the web page for you showing on its own page.

What is the type of proxy sites?

Most web-based proxy sites are built by the script Glype or PHProxy. Glype is newer and more powerful than PHProxy. But it is not free for all purpose. Because of the copyright problem, some proxy sites choose PHProxy.

What is the popularity of proxy sites?

Popularity is a index showing how users like the proxy site. It is the bigger the better. We check it by counting the traffic the proxy site sends to us.